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Who we are

We are a coalition of towns to enhance the quality of life and develop opportunities in education, health care and job creation through significantly improved Internet – today in the future.

We meet to share information and discuss opportunities with collaboration to more effectively work common issues, consolidate resources, share planning development and insights, as well as lessons learned from the group and others.

Our efforts focus on providing Broadband/Internet service which is affordable and available to all.

All towns in our region are invited to join our coalition.

Here is a helpful introduction to our efforts

You can help?

All of our meetings are open to the public. By attending and asking questions you will help us make better decisions. We need citizens to help on our various working groups. So if you are curious and interested in helping our community thrive, contact us.

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Please take a Speed Test!

Please help the State’s ConnectMaine Authority and the Maine Broadband Coalition (MBC) better assess areas for wired access to the internet and specifically Broadband speeds/capacity. This initiative seeks to challenge FCC’s inaccurate mapping data for Broadband. Many rural areas of Maine are “Unserved” by Broadband but the FCC maps do not show that fact.

Please help to challenge those maps and qualify for State and Federal Grant funding by taking a speed test today. If you do NOT have wired service, please take the test and annotate your lack of wired service in the form provided. Thanks in advance!

Click the button below to begin speed your speed test. Take the test often to help us maximize results.

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Please Take a Survey!

Responses will provide an understanding of the future needs for broadband Internet service in the local towns.

Click the button below to begin the survey or learn more about why this survey is important to your town.

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